hee.suwit la cartoon di atas.kan?hee

ini antara quotation dan juga dialogue mereka berdua~

the average adult blue whale has a heart that weighs more than 2000 pounds,
but still it couldn't love you as much as I do
*ecewah.mengayat si gadis*

If you get wet, you'll get sick

It takes some people a trillion wishes to find someone like you
*again.mengayat.his habit.hihi*

You should meet my girlfriend,
I bet she could teach you how to be pretty
*talking to other word, he's saying that his girlfriend is damn beautiful and hot! haha.but still, manis~ ^_^*

This how you make my tummy feel
*butterfly is flying*

If I promise not to kill you,
Can I have a hug?
*a bit harsh, but meaningful.hee*

I made you a cookie but i ate it T_T
*he's crying..ohh.dun cry~isk3. when a boy cries for you, it means...??*'s beating for you!
*haha.masa ni kelakar sikit.
his heart was beating sampai terkeluar daripada badan. just imagine how strong his heartbeat was, huh?tehee~*

what should i say?
LOVE is amazing beautiful
its silence is something.

fuiyoo.dalam tu..
interprete lah sendiri.hehe.
ni la kalau tengah berangan kannn..ngee~

tapi nama pun LOVE, i.e. CINTA
"we're perfect two" si Auburn tu kata.
it's just a story about you and me
another story of him
and just another story of her

it may be true
it may be not
may be fake
but it's a faith
it's a dream
tak seindah yang kita sangka

the reality is?

yeah.the most exact word to put!
memberi pun sakit
menerima pun sakit.

katakan TIDAK pada CINTA! 

good luck exam kawan2
minggu terakhir.chaiyokss


ahmad said...

bleh lak berblog..ha3

INA ZARINA said...

kenapa pula tidak boleh??erkk.hehe